Sources of Specialment - Free From Expectations
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Sources of Specialment - Free From Expectations

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Sources of Specialment - Free From Expectations

NRV 40377

The Sources are a Dutch (English scene) underground 90's group who sadly disbanded way to soon. This group had exceptional crafting skills and were ahead of their time with experimental rhymes and very technical productions. Free From Expectations contains features by legendary Oakland mc's Murs, The Grouch and P.S.C. (Living Legends collective). This is one of those records that you probably don't know about, but should know about, nahmean!

A1. Out Of A Line
A2. Time Work
A3. Antique Travel Structure (feat. Murs)
A4. Ain't No Ending
A5. Still No Ending
A6. Commercialized MC's
B1. We Study What We Speak
B2. Underground Pt. II (Drums by King Onno)
B3. A Lot Of Problems
B4. Stepping With Energy
B5. The Young Militant Man
B6. Underlude
B7. The Special Sources From Under This World (feat. P.S.C., Murs, The Grouch and Vision)
B8. Far From Devils