Public Service Announcement

The shop is closed due the passing of the founder of 'ashame Records'.

Berry - Fred Berry will be released in August
Rim & Eddie Kaine - BK Caminantes is canceled. All orders will be refunded.
Paki Dunn - TAHI is canceled. All orders will be refunded.
• All orders outside of Europe (incl. UK) will be canceled and refunded.
• All orders of items that are in stock will be shipped (within Europe). Please expect some delay.

Remaining stock of 'ashame Records' can be found at the following stores:

- Concerto, Amsterdam
- Black Gold, Amsterdam
- Nowa’s Place, Leiden
- Denonfuzz Records, Rotterdam
- Platypus Records, Amsterdam
- City Records, Amsterdam
- Killacutz Records, Amsterdam
- Velvet Records
- George and the Bear, Genk (Belgium)

Updates will be shared via this website and/or e-mail.

We're sorry for the inconvienience.

Thanks for understanding & your support!

— Team ashame